How To Be Instagram Famous

How To Be Instagram Famous

Instagram is one of the most popular social media website where pictures are the main feature of your profile. While some may just post any picture regardless of keeping a feed neat and clean, some posts pictures that are going on the same filter and same color palette. Those kind of people look for “IG-worthy” places, food, outfits or anything that is taken beautifully with a camera.

But are you wondering which style can gain you more followers? Here are some tips that will help you be Instagram famous.

First, know which places would suit your #OOTD (Outfit of the day). Usually a one-colored wall, brick wall, gray wall or plant wall will do to create that minimalist effect. Add your signature pose as well such as the side view pose which is the go-to pose of many.

The next one might sound a little funny but share pictures of your food. Several people love taking pictures of their food and the best way to highlight the meal of the day is a flat lay shot. Just be sure to remind your friends beforehand as they might end up waiting while you are getting the perfect shot.

Minimalist effect is what is trendy nowadays. Nude colors and palette are go-to’s of Instagram users too. The video here will provide you more tips so check it out!

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