How To Color Your Hair Using Crepe Paper

How To Color Your Hair Using Crepe Paper

“What hair color should I try now?”, this must have been one of the hardest questions of all time because changing it would mean you have to wait for more than six months before you can change it again especially if you do not like the results. One wrong move, you might end up covering your hair the entire time,eep!

Changing your hair color is a big decision that you must make. But if you are someone who has a hard time deciding or perhaps just curious about what hair color would look great, then try this very affordable hair color treatment using a crepe paper.

The color stays around a week or so, depending on how long you dip your hair on the crepe mixture. The awesome part is you won’t wait for more than 6 months to change it if you don’t like the outcome. Hurray! And be sure to condition your hair to prevent it from drying.

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