How To Curl Your Hair The Least Costly Way

How To Curl Your Hair The Least Costly Way

Want to change your look for a night-out with friends but have little time to do so? Here’s a trick that you could try to add lovely curls to your hair for some new and fresh look.

Besides needing neither ironing nor heating (save your hair from damage!), this trick is simple and requires primarily headbands. At least two headbands would do depending on the volume of your hair. Also, other needed materials could surely be found in your bedroom: hair wax/gel/texturizer, spray and brush.

Another reason why this is a must-try? It will only take you less than half an hour to prepare it. This will help you have more time looking for the perfect outfit and shoes for that lovely curls.

Here is the link to help you make your way to a more beautiful you:

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