How To Make A Cloud Lamp

How To Make A Cloud Lamp

If you love sunrise and sunsets or clouds and the wide sky, this artsy idea is for you. Who does not love to see the beautiful clouds during sunsets or at the crack of dawn right into their very own room? Not me for sure, do you?

The soft-looking, fluffy clouds we see up in the sky that changes colors every time the sun rises or sets could be imitated and be seen floating around your room. A total AMAZING!

This will require some serious work and effort from the gathering of materials to the actual making process. Worry not as with how tasteful the end product is, time spent will be really worth it.

Now you will need to secure the following: Paper lanterns, LED lights, glue gun, stick glues, cotton –tons of it (not cotton balls), extension cord, fishing line, screw and hooks.

You can choose the color for your LED lights depending on your preferences and the mood you wanna induce. The energy and romance in red, freshness and cheerfulness in yellow, joy and sunshine in orange, nostalgia and nobility in purple or the purity and innocence in white are just a few colors to start with.

Don’t forget to ask help from your friends too. Doing this alone can be hard but sharing the chore as a bonding moment makes things easier and more memorable.

Still sound a little bit sketchy? Here’s a video to guide you all the way.

Video Guide: