How To Make A Cool Lampshade From Yarn

How To Make A Cool Lampshade From Yarn

Home depots are great place to do some window shopping. Your eyes would be so delighted looking at all the house decors found in there, and then you saw this lampshade, an artistic lampshade. You want to buy it so bad but of course, your wallet shouts NOOO! So you go home sad.

But, you don’t need to feel so down anymore, because you can do your own replica of that cool lampshade you saw. Plus! It’s super easy to do. You would need to prepare balls of yarn, glue, water and a ball (depends what size you would like your lampshade to appear).

Everything is basically wrapping the yarn around the ball. First you must dip the ball of yarn into the glue (with water) to make it stick to the ball faster. You go around in different directions to create an abstract artistic effect leaving two holes, one bigger and one smaller, for the lamp and its cord.

However, you must wait for two days before you can see your lampshade. Just pour in more patience and you’ll see how worth the wait your decorative yarn globe will be. The video shared here will give you specific instructions.

Video Guide: