How To Make A Galaxy In A Jar

How To Make A Galaxy In A Jar

Twinkle twinkle in a jar, how I wonder what you are! You sang it, didn’t you?

The solar system, the galaxy, the universe, indeed holds wonders that never fail to amaze mankind. Those stars, the asteroids, planets, meteors? Aren’t they pretty, not to mention colorful too?

Now, would you want to hold a part of the universe in just one jar? Of course you would! Guess what, it’s easy to do. All materials could be found in your home or could be bought in any school supplies’ store. This creation works best with glass jars but a mason jar would be a lot awesome to use.

Few things that you need to prepare are: glitters, cotton, acrylic paint (which you can buy if you have none) and holo stars. You can choose any color and add glitterier items if you like, for example, holo moons.

Besides the smile-inducing colors and glitters, you can complement it with some inspirational quotes. Well, there’s no greater combo in sharing a positive vibe than to have a touching message on top of a colorful creation.

Also, containers are a must to separate first the different colored paints from each other before putting it in the jar. It will be quite messy so be prepared just in case. Don’t worry too, provided below is a detailed instruction of how to do it.

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