How To Make A Night Lamp

How To Make A Night Lamp

Have you tried going around home depots and really liked the items displayed for sale? And then you check the price tag and you go out silently, as you sob internally too, because your wallet does not approve what your heart desires.

It’s okay, we’ve been there, but here is a secret that I will share to you, a night lamp that is made out of cardboard that can sure look expensive, especially when lighted up. Also, you can make it without spending so much money. How? First you would need: black markers, cardboard box, scissors, blank bond papers, glue gun, stick glue and ruler.

Second, ensure that your measurements are precise so that the lamp would be seamless. The video here will show you exactly how to do it. It could be a lot of task and might require you tons of patience but if you want to achieve a high-quality looking lamp, just do it (like what Nike said).

Fiddly part is attaching the light bulb to it but you could always ask for help when you come to this part. Lastly, design the lamp in any way you want and pick a color that you love for the light bulb. Tada! A self-made night lamp ready to serve you.

Video Guide: