How To Make A Squishy Burger Stress Ball

How To Make A Squishy Burger Stress Ball

We all need some cuteness in our life to makes us go “aww! So adorable!”, be it a dog, cat, panda or some really cute squishy burger that’s smiling at us.

As we live in a fast-paced world now, tendencies are we get stressed with life easily too. Sometimes we scream internally because of certain situations that makes us go, “Why, world, why?”. Now, the best thing that come in handy for this instances is a stress ball, a cute stress ball to be specific.

It’s pretty easy to do. You would need a foam (preferably a white one), pastel chalks (for the color of the burger), felt paper (for the cheese), and fabric paint (for the color of the patty). The steps are super easy and you just basically need to color the foam to make it look like a cheese burger before finally putting them altogether.

Make it extra cute by putting big eyes and an adorable smile to complete the face of the burger. Then you’re all set. Bring it everywhere you go, squeeze it as hard as you can when the situation calls for it and rest assured you’ll receive that much needed smile 😉

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