How To Make A Water Candle

How To Make A Water Candle

Want to go out on a date but don’t want to spend too much? Why not surprise your loved on with a candlelight dinner with your own made fancy-looking candle? Besides the fact that you could earn extra cute points for preparing the dinner yourself, I’m pretty sure your date would be really impressed with your candle too.

Keep calm though, this is safe to do. First things first, the materials you must prepare are: glass cup (any design/shape that you prefer), lamp oil, candle wick, transparent sheet, scissors, tape, any circular thing for the wick or compass, and marbles.

The life of the candle will depend on how well you have fixed the wick to the circular transparent sheet and the amount of oil you have poured on the glass.

Several motifs and designs can be done and one nice variation is to use food coloring and stones. You can try both ideas presented in the video or you can definitely decide your own that will go with the theme of your date. This could be made not only on dates though but on many occasions with the family too.

So can’t find the candle to complement an event? Check this one and it might just be the answer to your search.

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