How To Make An Eternal Terrarium

How To Make An Eternal Terrarium

Most of the people right now, especially those living in the city, are leading a very busy life. Little time for travel and rest, buildings everywhere, noise pollution here and there – it’s just simply tiring at times.

But now, here we present a cute trick that would add some relaxation brought by Mother Nature.

Although this will need some time and effort, the end product would surely give joy to you. You would need incandescent light bulbs, gloves and protective glasses, pliers, glue gun, stick glues and bits and pieces from the outdoors.

If you’re living near grassy places, finding the items that would fill the bulb is easy. But for those who live in the city, a visit to the nearest park might be necessary. Items that you need to pick up are little amounts of stones, moss, soil, sand, tree bark, plants (the tiny ones), and acorns (for sealing the light bulb terrarium).

The video provided below will show you a detailed process on how to do it. To add, you can improvise and use small bottles instead. Design the landscape, fill with all mentioned items and enjoy the view.

See, Mother Nature just sent you a beautiful gift and it’s sure irresistibly lovely!

Video Guide: