How To Make Homemade Xiao Long Bao

How To Make Homemade Xiao Long Bao

Are Chinese cuisines your thing? Here’s a great try for all those who are passionate about cooking and it’s a recipe of a traditional xiao long bao you can make yourself at home.

If you have eaten these juicy dumplings in your favorite Asian restaurants before, then all those soup pouring from it might have intrigued you. This video will show you exactly how all those soup are stuffed inside which makes it so yummy and juicy. And it’s a soup made from boiled pork skin and spices so it’s sure so tasty you’d never let all those juice be spilled while eating.

And it’s quite nice for a video to have no talks but just have everything focused on the steps with all the natural sounds and some relaxing background music.

Bring authentic Chinese cooking to your kitchen and it’ll definitely be something your family will be impressed. It is fairly straightforward to make and the video below will guide you through the whole process. Check it out!

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