How To Make Mini Air Conditioner At Home

How To Make Mini Air Conditioner At Home

During the hot days especially summer, air conditioners probably become the most sought appliance at home which is why many air conditioning money-saving tips are offered for consumers. Here’s not just a tip but an alternative to air conditioners for maximum saving potential.

It’s a mini version of an air conditioner you can effectively use to cool yourself. This mainly uses ice as a cooling agent placed in a plastic tumbler with a hole in it. With a fan installed inside the tumbler, the cool air will be directed towards you through the hole.

A product of sheer creativity which anyone can improvise depending on needs. For instance, one can make the container bigger to fill it with more ice so it can suffice cooling a larger portion of a room.

This works best if you are cutting costs from electric bills as this only uses batteries or can even be modified to use power from laptops or power banks too.

Ready to channel your inner creativity? See how it’s exactly made with the video shared below.

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