How To Transform Your Tank Top In 4 Ways

How To Transform Your Tank Top In 4 Ways

What time is it? Summer time!

Summer has come, and the best way to fight the heat is to stay cool, literally. So, we take a break from comfy shirts first and change our wardrobe into tank tops. But if you think tank tops look quite boring, here are four ways to transform it for a cuter summer look.

First, gather all your tank tops and choose which ones deserve some makeover. The first method does not require any sewing; you would just cut the two straps on the back side of the top to make it look like a halter top that could be tied around your neck.

The second one would require you to cut the two straps at the back and then sew them back in a crisscross style. The third trick is adding up some black elastics and sew it on the front side of your V-neck tank top. Looks extra cool if you wear with a loose top to highlight the combination of straps.

The last one is a little bit tricky and would require you for more sewing as compared to the first three. The last style is a cropped top with loops at the back for the straps, and it’s pretty adjustable too.

Interested in trying it out? The video below will show you exactly how.

Video Guide:

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