How To Use Saucepan In Five More Resourceful Ways

How To Use Saucepan In Five More Resourceful Ways

Saucepan is probably one of the most used kitchen tool but did you know that there’s more to the saucepan than just mere boiling or simmering? Get to know more of the saucepan with all these life hacks.

First is all about the hole at the tip of the saucepan’s handle. Well, there are great chances you’re just using it for securing the saucepan on the wall but what you probably don’t know is it can be also used for holding the ladle. Very helpful especially when cooking something that needs occasional mixing.

Tired of garlic-smelling hands? The saucepan can do the peeling of cloves for you. Just put the garlic inside and shake it well. You’ll see the cloves separating from each other afterwards. Same procedure can be done with hard boiled eggs as well.

Because of its hard feature, saucepan can crush ice cubes really well. And last but not the least, it can be used as an alternative for your iron too. Just boil some water in it and voila, instant iron.

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