How To Make A Mega Oreo Cake

How To Make A Mega Oreo Cake

Oreos are a real craze and this time we have a cake which is not just Oreo-filled but also Oreo-like. If you’re into baking and love experimenting on cakes, this one is for you.

The steps are pretty simple and you can follow them to create your own mega Oreo cake or employ some modifications to customize its look and/or taste. It’s huge Oreo look may seem quite weird but its sure appetizing – well it’s a cake and it’s an Oreo after all. And its worthy to note that this video is quite soothing and relaxing too with you hearing no music or narration but just all the natural sounds of ingredients mixing 🙂 .

Video Guide:

Check the list of ingredients by clicking the YouTube label in the player so you’ll be redirected in the video page where list is available in the description.

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