How To Make A Torrone (Italian Nougat Confection With Nuts)

How To Make A Torrone

Want a sweet and gorgeous candy idea you could share or give to your other half? A torrone might just be that something you are looking for.

A torrone is a traditional nuts and nougat confection famous in Italy during winter and Christmas. Don’t let that name intimidate you as this one is easy to prepare and you can actually do it with your loved one too. The method shown is the original technique of making torrone and requires about one and a half hours to complete. You need not to worry about timing and specific temperatures with this technique but this takes most of your time standing and stirring. Well, that’s not all dull and tiring if you just love what you do. Try it out and enjoy!

You can find some of the ingredients used in the video through the link(s) below:

Video Guide: