How To Make Death By Chocolate Pancakes

How To Make Death By Chocolate Pancakes

Satisfy your chocolate cravings and start your day with this deliciously sweet death by chocolate pancakes.

If you’ve been making pancakes or have tried creating one, then this will be an easy recipe as the steps aren’t particularly different. Just sift together all the ingredients to create the chocolate-filled batter and cook it. The only added step is the creation of melted chocolate syrup that’ll come on top of the pancakes. That’ll be so much chocolate in one bite, am I making you drool now?

It’s pretty easy and quick to prepare and definitely perfect for a sweet breakfast. The only problem perhaps is the fact that this is death by chocolate so if you are on a diet, this one calls for a cheat day. But at least it will sure be worth it.

So mark your calendar for some diet break and chocolate day. Check out the video below so you can make one too.

You can find some of the ingredients used through the links below:

Video Guide: