How To Make Glossy Lipstick Matte

How To Make Glossy Lipstick Matte

Skip the need for buying new sets of matte lipstick as you can easily convert any glossy lipstick into its perfect matte counterpart.

Matte lipsticks are trendy and beautiful, and your favorite lipstick can achieve such look with this simple little technique. And no this doesn’t require you to buy another product as this method is purely DIY and utilizes what most girls already have. You can try other alternatives too such as a baby powder if what’s used in the video tutorial isn’t available.

Just try it out with various lipstick colors you have and see if it works perfect. Ready? Check out the video below!

Where To Find Products Suggested:

You can use the products you have when following the video tutorial or make use of the ones featured in the video. If you’re choosing the latter, then the following links will be helpful:

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