How To Make Your Own VR Headset At Home

How To Make Your Own VR Headset At Home

Curious what virtual reality is like? Experience virtual reality without breaking the bank with this creative build featuring a homemade VR headset.

No need to throw in some huge cash for commercial VR devices as with just a binocular lens and a Styrofoam, virtual reality world is within reach. The best part about this is that the materials needed are inexpensive and the steps in making one are fairly straightforward.

You can secure a lens from toy binoculars or if you can’t find one, a small magnifying glass lens will do too. The rest is just then about cutting and putting up the Styrofoam together to form the headset. You can then use your smartphone to search for 360 videos in YouTube, insert it in the headset and enjoy virtual reality! That doesn’t sound too complex isn’t it?

Check everything out with the video below.

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