How To Upgrade USB Speaker Into Bluetooth Speaker

How To Upgrade USB Speaker Into Bluetooth Speaker

Overcome the limitations of a USB speaker and play your favorite music wherever in the house you may be. By upgrading your USB speaker into a Bluetooth speaker, playing music is just a tap of a hand away.

Aside from the speaker itself, you’ll need Bluetooth USB Audio Receiver and nothing else. The steps are straightforward and requires replacing the audio jacks from the USB speaker with the Bluetooth receiver. The music input will then be received wirelessly by those instead of manually inserting the audio jacks to your device. Now the only thing left you need to know is how and where to connect the Bluetooth receiver and the video shared below will show you.

An added tip though is that you may want to provide a different 5V supply for the Bluetooth USB receiver and not share it with the ones the speaker use as that will result to a lot of noise getting picked up.

Video Guide:

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