How To Make 3-Ingredient Cookies And Cream Fudge

How To Make 3-Ingredient Cookies And Cream Fudge

Why would you deprive yourself from all the good, heavenly desserts that the world could offer if you would just need three ingredients to make it?

Yes, you read that right, just three ingredients and you will have a scrumptious cookies and cream fudge. The things you need are: white chocolate, Oreos ( a lot would be delightful) and condensed milk. The amount will depend on you, but why not make a lot for others too?

This recipe will only require 30-40 seconds for microwaving of the milk chocolate and 3-4 hours for freezing and that’s it, your super yummy cookies and cream fudge is ready to be served!

If you are able to resist and wait, you can leave it in the fridge overnight for better taste and results.

The video provided will show you how to do it, plus you’ll see the end product of the recipe to help you visualize how your fudge will lokk like.

Ready? Get those three ingredients now!

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