How To Make A DIY Oreo Phone Case

How To Make DIY Oreo Phone Case

Wanna make your phone look as delicious and as sweet as an Oreo? In fact you can really make it look like an Oreo with this DIY Oreo phone case.

This Oreo phone case looks so adorable and cute it will probably be something Oreo lovers will rave about. It’s purely DIY and you just need to gather up the materials and get your hands dirty to make your own version of this case. If you have the time and passion to build things yourself, then this is a good one to try out. Not only you get a delicious-looking case, you’ll also have something your friends will be amazed about.

Check out the steps with the video below.

Looking for a polymer clay but can’t find one yet? You can consider these: one colored black and the other in chocolate.

Video Guide:

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