How To Make An Electric Table Fan Using Plastic Bottles

How To Make An Electric Table Fan Using Plastic Bottles

Are you in for some electrical work? Wait, let me rephrase it, are you in for some easy electrical work? Still not interested? What if I tell you that you can create your own electric table fan with just easy steps and affordable materials? Pretty cool, right?

Well, first you will need DC Motor, 9V Battery, 9V connector, straw, a pair of scissors, bottles, soldering iron, tape, knife and glue gun. You can ask for assistance in hardware stores just to make sure you are picking the right materials.

One plus factor for this creation is you can easily change the battery once it dies out. A DIY electric table fan that works like new every single time after battery replacement!

Check the video below to guide you all the way through.

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Got a little time to make your own table fan? Or did you just watch the video and realized it wouldn’t be enough to save you from the pool of sweat? You can sure save yourself the time and effort by buying a table fan that’ll probably be a fan you’ll become a number 1 fan of just like the thousands who already bought it.

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