How To Make A Cute Keychain

How To Make A Cute Keychain

Bags can be really boring at times without the cute keychains hanging from it. Although keychains are relatively small, sometimes buying it in stores can cost you some money.

I bet you would be surprise that you can actually make a lot of keychains at home with just a few materials: shrinky dinks, prints of possible key chain designs you want, sharpie markers or any markers of your choice, hole punch, a pair of scissors, tape, keychains, jump ring and, you may find this a bit odd, last is oven.

Then, you need to do some tracing on the designs that you have picked. Make sure that the shrinky dinks are properly aligned and once you’re finish, cut them.

No you aren’t done yet and your custom keychain wouldn’t be that big. Ready for some magical shrinking? Okay let’s proceed.

Put the traced and cut designs in the oven. Be sure to heat it up a little bit in less than one minute. Leaving it there for too long is a big no-no because it may shrink entirely. So put full attention to it until you see it laying flat.

That’s mostly it! Check the video shared below for the thorough instruction. Who knows, perhaps you could start putting up your keychain business with this easy trick.

Video Guide: