How To Make Coca Cola-Shaped Chocolate Bottle

How To Make Coca Cola-Shaped Chocolate

If you are someone who loves pranks or just someone who loves sweets as a whole, this method has got to be one of your sweetest pranks/desserts yet.

You would not need a lot of materials to do this, just a bottle of coke (any size that you would like), chocolate, mixing bowl, pan, funnel and other sweet treats that you prefer, to use as a surprise to your lucky victim.

The method too is pretty easy. Melt the chocolate, then remove the soda from the bottle, wash and dry the bottle, pour in the melted chocolate, wait for it to cool, and finally stuff your favorite sweets inside.

The tricky part, however, would be the cutting through the plastic bottle. Just be extremely careful and make sure to not cut yourself and the chocolate along the process to not ruin your perfect prank.

You could try it with any brand of soda but keep in mind to not throw away the label to give off that realistic touch to your chocolate bottle. Then leave it in the refrigerator and wait for your victim.

They are in for a really really sweet prank. Yum-yum!

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