How To Shockingly Make Anything Brittle With Homemade Cryo-Fluid

How To Make Anything Brittle With Homemade Cryo-Fluid

If you know the amazing things one can do with a liquid nitrogen, chances are you may be one of those science enthusiasts wanting to get their hands on some cryogenic fluid. The good news is you can make one at home from materials that can be easily found in grocery stores and this video will teach you exactly how.

The idea of cryogenic fluid may sound too nerdy and complex but creating one is very simple and it doesn’t have to break the bank too. Well, if you have access to an isopropyl alcohol and dry ice, then you’re good to go. You can make your own “liquid nitrogen” out from those and it can instantly freeze anything you’ll dip and make them totally brittle. No material is too rigid or too soft with this “magical” chemical as they’ll sure turn to something as fragile as a glass.

Just be aware that this little experiment requires extreme care and you should secure yourself with proper googles and gloves the least. It’s a completely different chemical and touching it will surely be the last thing you’ll do. So are you up for doing it? Check this video shared below.

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