How To Make An Apple Rose Pastry Dessert

How To Make Apple Rose Pastry Dessert

The great thing about fruits, besides the fact that they make us really healthy, is that they make the most scrumptious desserts too. This dessert that I’m about to present to you has got to be part of your holiday menu – simply beautiful and yummy!

Here’s how you do it: get an apple, cut it into two then remove the core. Slice it into thin pieces, but not too thin because it should have enough thickness to become a rose petal as we go on. Add some lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown, then add water afterwards.

Preparing the pastry and creating strips from it are the next steps. Once the apple is ready, spread your favorite jam on the pastry strip and put the apple slices on the topmost part. The video below will show you how things would look like so you’d know if you are on the right track.

Finally, roll the strips to create a rose shape then bake it for 30-45 minutes and then voila! Apple rose pastry dessert on your table! Best served to your special someone too. They would surely love this sweet surprise, and it’s not even hard to make.

Video Guide:

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