How To Peel An Orange The Perfect Way

How To Peel Orange The Perfect Way

I bet we are all guilty of peeling fruits in our most convenient way. That one way that just require us to take off any peel on the fruit in any way we want, despite the mess it can create and the ugly peels we get afterwards. But why do that when we can actually peel oranges in the most efficient way?

How? Well, you would just need a knife, that’s it. Cut through the top peel of the orange and continue cutting the peel while rotating the orange until you get a spiral slice from the fruit.

The cute thing about this is that you can put the orange back on its peel whenever you wanted to because it’s still intact, unlike when we just scrape off the peel the way we want it (you know, that uneven peels).

It is super neat, efficient and effective and great to use as a surprise to your friends. So next time you try peeling an orange, make sure you do this.

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