How To Make Dragon Ball Style Raindrop Cake

How To Make Dragon Ball Style Raindrop Cake

Try out some Japanese confections with this so-called raindrop cake stuffed with cute little stars inside you can’t help but think about all those dragon balls.

If you know who Goku is then chances are you know what a dragon ball is and how they look. Well, in case you don’t then you probably need to either reminisce your childhood or ask your kids about it. Dragon balls are the namesake artifact of the anime Dragon Ball and googling how they look like will reveal an orange crystalline sphere with stars inside.

This version of dragon ball-like raindrop cake is cute and yummy. It actually doesn’t look exactly as dragon balls, but with the stars and the edible gold decorations, it somehow resembles one. And this probably has to be one of the simplest tutorial on making raindrop cakes anyone can quickly follow. A straight video of all essential steps without the unnecessary talking.

If you’re in for some surprise your little ones can enjoy, then this tasty confection with glitters and stars is a great try.

Finding an edible gold like the one used in the video? Here’s one from Amazon.

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