How To Make Latte Art Mug Cake

How To Make Latte Art Mug Cake

Latte art is very popular nowadays. All those lovely designs they put on top of your coffee makes you stop drinking and instead choose to stare at the cute design on top, all day. Because taking just a little sip could ruin the entire design *sighs*.

If you are in for some chocolatey treat with a latte art that never gets destroyed with just a sip, you must try this!

Get all these things and let’s get started: microwavable mug, flour, baking soda, vanilla extract, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs, milk, canola oil, salt, tan and white icing (for the bunny design or any design that you would like to create).

The mug cake can be cooked within 2 minutes in the microwave but oops! Watch out for cake flows, though. You can choose what kind of latte art to put on your mug cake, a puppy, a cat, or heart would do.

Remember when I said that this latte art won’t be ruined with a sip, well, it can be ruined with a bite. To eat or not to eat? With the scrumptious chocolate mug cake hiding beneath your latte art, I know it’ll be hard to resist 😉

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