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How To Make Newspaper Flower Vase

How To Make Newspaper Flower Vase

If you have piles of newspapers in your home bought by either your mom, your dad, your uncle or your aunt, and you don’t what to burn them, here is one good way to use and recycle them — make it into a flower vase.

The vase will be basically composed of rolled together pages of newspapers. You should make the roll be thinned nicely to be able to make the vase look sturdier. The more rolled pages you use, the more it would look thicker and stabilize. Plus, this would ensure the maximum usage of the piles of newspapers just sitting in your garage.

And from the thinly rolled newspapers, you make another roll to turn it into a coil. Get a cylindrical object to keep everything in place as you do this part. The video below will serve as your guide to execute this step smoothly.

The final touches would be gluing every little thing to keep it intact and here’s the fun part, (insert drum roll) designing your vase! In here, you have the liberty to choose what decorations will fit your vase and what color you should paint it with.

See, old newspapers ain’t just another trash at all, in fact, can be made beautiful and useful again.

Video Guide:

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