How To Make Pompom Rugs

How To Make Pompom Rugs

Rugs, more often that not, are materials that we associate with the words dirty, icky and nasty. But I bet you will sure change the way you view rugs once you set eyes on this really cute pompom rugs.

It will be perfect to put this in your room. Imagine yourself waking up on the morning and stepping on a soft, colorful and fluffy rug that you have made. Yes, you read that right, a rug that you can certainly make.

Materials needed for this are balls of yarn, non-slip rug pad, two toilet paper rolls and scissors. The two toilet paper rolls will serve as a starting point in making fluffy pompoms. Worry not, it won’t be hard and the video below shall guide you on how to exactly do it.

Upon tying the pompoms, make sure the knot isn’t that too tight so that you can change the pompoms if you already find it dirty and could not be cleaned by just washing.

Fun part? You can choose which color to put, check out cute color palettes and match it out with your room.

Your pet will surely love you for this.

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