How To Make Smartphone Projector From Simple Materials

How To Make Smartphone Projector From Simple Materials

If you want a purely DIY smartphone projector you can try creating yourself, here’s one you can follow and it works for whatever phone you may have. Have an Android, iPhone or Windows phone? Is it a 4-inch or 5-inch phone? Worry not as compatibility will never be an issue with this build.

This one is easy requiring only cheap and simple materials. You’ll primarily need a styrofoam and 2 concavo-convex lenses as materials and a cutter and glue to shape and put things together. The two lenses will be placed in the front which will project whatever is in the display of the smartphone. Everything from the projector casing to the housing that’ll contain the phone will be made out of styrofoam. That makes it very lightweight and you can definitely grab it anywhere you want.

This sure is pretty straightforward and it needs no special skills but just cautious handling to avoid accidents with the cutter. You can see the step-by-step procedure through the video provided below.

Video Guide:

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