How To Make Electric Longboard From Old Kids’ Bike

How To Make Electric Longboard From Old Kids' Bike

Want a smart and slick way to recycle an old kids’ bike? Here’s a cool electric longboard out of an old bike sure to impress and catch people’s eyes in streets.

To start off, you will need primarily four materials: a kids’ bike with ideally 12-inch wheels, longboard wheels, 95 cm wooden plank and a cordless drill. You will need several parts from the bike and what’s note worthy is that this longboard is powered by the cordless drill which makes it pretty reliable and fast.

This build requires some work but if you think it’ll be a hard one to put together, just think that if this kid in the video did it by himself then why can’t you? A really great invention with a lot of creativeness and resourcefulness being put up. If you’re up for making one, then check the video below so you’ll know how.

Video Guide:

The exact cordless drill used is a Milwaukee M18FPD-502C rated at up to 135 Nm of torque while if you are finding longboard wheels with trucks then you may consider this one.