How To Make A No-Sew Donut Pillow

How To Make A No-Sew Donut Pillow

Whether you love donuts or not, this adorable yummy-looking donut pillow would surely make you fall in love with it. Oh, and if you think you can only buy these at stores, you are wrong, because it’s super easy to make too!

If you’re someone who’s afraid of needles and likes anything but sewing, you should try this as it needs no sewing at all.

To get started, you just need to prepare glue gun and stick glues, fabric (e.g. a tan and pink colored fabric makes a great color combo), scissors, pencil, ring-like things for the shaping, acrylic paint (for the sprinkles if you like) and some stuffing.

Putting together the fabric is through stick glues so caution must be observed to avoid burns and shocks.

You can make any donut design you wish. The creation below is a donut with pink frosting with sprinkles on top. Other ideas that you might love to try could be a donut with chocolate frosting. Or if those sound too easy for you, then why not mimic the best donut design in town? Your options are limitless!

Now, imagine your bed stuffed with donut pillows and imagine yourself surrounded by it. You’ll sure wake up feeling extremely happy, well you might even feel you’ve become the yummiest human in the world.

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