How To Make Emoji Cookies

How To Make Emoji Cookies

Emojis, besides the fact that most of the time they express our feelings much more than we can, they are also extremely cute, amusing and very fun to look at.

Now, if you want to take their overall cuteness to another level, you must try this — a lovable and yummy emoji cookies.

Sounds complicated? Not really. Things needed are sugar cookie mix, flour, butter, egg, mixing bowl, oven, electric mixer (makes life easier), rolling pin, cookie cutters (that resemble emojis like the circles, squares etc.), and rainbow cookie icing.

No strict rules on which and what emojis to make and everything is really up to you. But poo emojis are highly recommended and a must try. Definitely one delightful and funny cookie to include in a box as a gift to a friend or loved one.

The video provided below will show you a step-by-step way on how to do it. Simple note just before you start: Enjoy!

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